The Craft Beer Craze Takes 30A

Craft Beer has taken over taps across the country and the beaches of 30A are no exception! Beer drinkers are now exploring their palates with different tastes and brewers are creating unique flavors to keep them coming back for more. Join me on a tasting tour of our local breweries.

First stop is Grayton Beer Company. 30a-beach-blonde-aleSituated between Rosemary Beach and Grayton Beach this brewery is a hot spot for locals and vacationers to come out and try some beer. The light and refreshing taste of 30A Blonde is just what our powder white sand beaches call for. Grayton Beer Company got its start in 2011 by owners Jamey and Candace Price. They made the beaches of South Walton their home in 2006 and now they are living the dream!

Next stop Idyll l Hounds Brewing Company in Santa Rosa Beach. These guys are mad scientists when it comes to their brews. With over 20 taps on the wall two are dedicated to their always available brews; Divide & Conch’r and Man o’ Wheat. The other 18, well they are ever changing with crazy ingredients that make these beers unique and delicious. What’s their inspiration? The beautiful white sand and blue skies that only 30A beaches can provide. Which brews will you choose to take out to the beach?

Our final stop is a little off the beaten path of 30A but well worth mentioning. The Destin Brewery is the newest and smallest brewery in the area as far as breweries go but in tastes, well it’s the biggest and most experienced flavors you’ll try on the Emerald Coast. One sip of the East Pass or Bridge Rubble Double IPA and you’ll be filling your growlers up to the top. With its tasting room set to open on Saturday, June 11th this brewery is going to be ‘hopping’!

Take this tour in person! Check out 30a rentals for a stay on the beautiful white sand beaches of South Walton and enjoy the many flavors of our local breweries.

About Garrett Realty Services

Located between the trendy beach communities of Seaside and Rosemary Beach near Destin, Florida, along the Beaches of South Walton, Garrett Realty Services, Inc. has been offering cozy cottages to sprawling Gulf-front homes or amenity-laden condominiums for that perfect vacation or sale since 1987.
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