An Artful August on 30A

The beauty of 30A beaches is so bountiful it’s to no wonder that artists are booming from this area. There is so much inspiration along the Gulf of Mexico for those with talent. This is a tribute to all artists in the community that have used this energy to create amazing artwork!

Local artist Justin Gaffrey discovered his love for art in 2001.Justin Former chef and restaurant owner, Justin began his career with primitive, “folk art” styles then moved to textured, more impressionistic styles of work. Finding inspiration from the works of other great painters such as Monet and Van Gogh as well as reflecting on the beauty he sees from his backyard along Scenic 30A, Justin has created a wide collection of beautiful paintings. This original artwork can be seen exclusively through his gallery in Blue Mountain Beach, Florida.

Veila Lala is a modern abstract artist and sculptor. Originally from Louisiana, Veila now dwells and designs at the beautiful beaches of South Walton. Veila’s original works are spirited, full of vibrant color and passion. Acrylic, mixed medium, epoxy high gloss, photography and body casting are a few of the techniques that are showcased at Veila’s studio. V. Lala Galleries is now opened in the new upscale shopping destination 30Avenue.

Tertiary in experience but definitely not in talent is Andrea (Andi) Scurto. Her mixed media style of cheerfully quirky, whimsically modern art is what makes Andi’s art so popular in the area. Destin, Florida is a happy, no worries place and Andi’s artwork puts you in that same state of mind. For a self-taught local, Andi has already achieved an impressive amount of exposure such as Cover Artist of Beachcomber Magazine 2011 and 2014, Two “All Time Best” awards from Fan Art Review 2011 and featured artist at The Beachside Inn of Destin. Her most recent successes and endeavors include The 2015 Mattie Kelly Art Foundation Festival of the Arts Poster Contest Winner and the dolphin mural on the Destin Elementary School. Andi has generously given to the community, sharing with our children her love of art!

Artwalks on 30A honor all talented artists in our community. 30A rentals put you right on the path to exploring local artists and galleries. See the beauty of 30A through the eyes of an artist.

About Garrett Realty Services

Located between the trendy beach communities of Seaside and Rosemary Beach near Destin, Florida, along the Beaches of South Walton, Garrett Realty Services, Inc. has been offering cozy cottages to sprawling Gulf-front homes or amenity-laden condominiums for that perfect vacation or sale since 1987.
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