Thankful for 30A

What are you thankful for? Family, spouse, children, and friends might be the first thing that pops into your mind. Health and life maybe next and aren’t we grateful if we have both. The Beaches of South Walton remind us of another thing we can be thankful for, nature’s beauty!Beach at Tupelo Pavilion 11-09

The scenery of your favorite 30A beach town gives you much to be thankful for. The soft white sand running alongside an emerald green ocean, with a bright baby blue sky stretched out as far as you can see. A beautiful sunset that happens every night but we never get tired of watching it. We can be thankful for the opportunity to take time out of our lives to enjoy these amazing surroundings with family and friends!

The towns on 30A give us more than natural beauty. We can be thankful for the little things. I’m thankful for my Barista who gets to work before the sun comes up. With a smile she serves hundreds of people like me, who would not go far without their coffee. Thank you for beginning my day in a positive way!

After a big meal and a whole day with the family are we not thankful for the merchants of 30A? They open their doors on Friday morning inviting all to get out and about for a traditional shopping extravaganza! They greet us with smiles and sparkling decorations reminding all that next month’s celebration is right around the corner!

This Thanksgiving weekend Thanksgivingwould not be the same without a comfortable place to stay. Garrett Realty Services, Inc. is thankful for all their returning customers as well as their new. They show their gratitude by offering the very best stay on 30A. Enjoy a wonderful holiday this November on the Beaches of 30A; creating memories that you will be thankful for in years to come!

About Garrett Realty Services

Located between the trendy beach communities of Seaside and Rosemary Beach near Destin, Florida, along the Beaches of South Walton, Garrett Realty Services, Inc. has been offering cozy cottages to sprawling Gulf-front homes or amenity-laden condominiums for that perfect vacation or sale since 1987.
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