‘Play’ at the Beaches of South Walton

Scene 1: It’s a magnificent March morning. You wake up from a delightful slumber to a Skype session with your family back home.  You thank them for defrosting your pipes and shoveling the snow from your driveway.  When asked about the weather you can’t help but glance out the window of your Dunes of Seagrove Condo to a perfect blue sky and calm sea. “Nice”, you reply, fighting the urge to brag about the perfect weather you will soon be enjoying.copygirls-on-beach

Scene 2: The phone rings waking you up out of a deep sleep. Your boss asks how the conference is going. You quickly clear your throat and act as if you’ve been awake for hours poring over your next presentation. You hang up the phone and walk out onto the balcony of your One Seagrove Place condo. An umbrella of blue overlooking a reclining beach chair dug in the sand with your name on it waiting for you. Is there any other way to practice for an important presentation!

Scene 3: As you slowly come to from a peaceful rest you hear the sound of mommy, mommy, and feel the tug of a little hand. You’re awoken to, “Is it time to go to the beach yet?” You look out to a playground perfectly situated in the sand alongside the Gulf of Mexico. You reply, “Yes honey, it’s time!”

What do these scenes have in common? They all take place at the beautiful beaches of South Walton in an amazing unit from Garrett Realty Services Inc. Whatever reasons take you to South Walton find yourself in an atmosphere only Garrett Realty Services Inc. can provide!

About Garrett Realty Services

Located between the trendy beach communities of Seaside and Rosemary Beach near Destin, Florida, along the Beaches of South Walton, Garrett Realty Services, Inc. has been offering cozy cottages to sprawling Gulf-front homes or amenity-laden condominiums for that perfect vacation or sale since 1987.
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