South Walton Vacation Activities


Kayaking in South Walton

Kayaking in South Walton

Although vacations are meant to be relaxing, no one said it has to be inactive.  Some of the most relaxing activities on the coast including family oriented recreational sports that are different from the day to day workouts at the gym.  The Beaches of South Walton have a plethora of outdoor activities, but there are a few sports that have really grown in popularity over the last year or two including Kayaking and YOLO boarding.


Kayaks come in several different models including sit in and sit atop.  We highly recommend that ameteurs start out utilizing sit atop kayaks.  These kayaks require very little instruction and are simple to manuever.  Single and Double kayaks are available throughout 30A and South Walton.  Most rental agencies will also require that you wear a helmet and personal flotation device for precautionary measures.  Kayaking in the Gulf is possible on very calm days, but otherwise kayaking can be very serene in any of the area lakes or the bay.

YOLO boarding, is also known as paddle boarding, but the enthusiasts would only refer to it as a YOLO board since it is an acronym for You Only Live Once.  A hybrid sport that resembles both surfing and rafting – YOLO boarding requires the participant to balance standing straight up and then control the direction and speed with a paddle, much like rafting.  This sport takes more balance and skill than Kayaking, but can be absolutely exhilarating when conquered!  Click to check out  more on local YOLO.

Other area family activities include bike rentals, sail boat rentals, waverunner rentals parasailing and go kart rentals.  There are several agencies to contact in the area, but Garrett Realty services highly recommends Big Daddys in Blue Mountain Beach, centrally located to all of the prestigious Beaches of South Walton communities.

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